Sculptural Jewelry

If you need to adapt the idea of a sculpture into something wearable, our team will create the jewel you have imagined, by modelling and adapting the figures and sculptural themes you suggest, into a wearable piece of art.

Thanks to our modelling and artistic skills and experience, the most organic shapes are possible. From a realistic human body, the head of an animal, to the most abstract and artistic idea.

  1. We will start from your sketch, idea or we can present you our proposal if you whish.
  2. As well as for a one-of-a-kind piece as for a collection or short series.
  3. We model the 3D Cad design.
  4. We can send you the CAD (.stl) files for you to prototype, or we will prototype the model in high definition resin/wax.
  5. We will offer you advise about specifics of production if needed.



Send us your proposal, idea, sketch, image…

*Admited formats: PNG/PDF/JPG. Maximum: 1Mb


We will study closely the information you send us and will present you a price estimation.


If you accept the quote, the project will start after the confirmation of a 20% pre-payment.


When the CAD model is ready, or the resin/wax prototype is finished, we will send you low resolution images so you can check if everything is ok. Then, after we confirm the final payment, we will send you the .stl file, and mail the resin/wax prototype if that’s the case.

Attach your files here (Formats: PNG/PDF/JPG. Maximum 1Mb.):


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