work at “a tribute to Manfred Bischoff” Exhibition during Schmuck’16

As you might know, our beloved Manfred Bischoff passed away last year.
As a tribute to his memory, some of the jewelers that had been as fortunate as to sharing time learning from him, decided to join the event proposed and curated by Isabel Dammermann, to give continuity and voice to what Manfred meant for all of us, by means of this group exhibition.
It will be held during Schmuck’16 events in Munich, so I hope you can stop by, and enjoy the works of all of us, join and get a bit closer to Manfred’s memory, as a jeweler, artist, teacher, person and friend.
I’m really glad to be part of this exhibition, and the people I’m sharing this experience with.
“A tribute to Manfred Bischoff”  25th-28th February 2016     3 Stations – Welserstrasse-15    81373 – Munich   Germany

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