New Course at MAGMA Audiovisial School 3D Modelling with Rhinoceros-Level I by Rinaldo A


 3D Modelling with Rhinoceros-Level I  course at Magma Audiovisual School [Gijón-Asturias] is released.

Will be held from May 16th untill May 26th.

And a second one from June the 13th untill June 23rd.


Registration is open.

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ALTERA 2017 Art and Jewelry Conference


I was invited to give a Lecture at the Altera 2017 Conference.

It was a very interesting experience and great time with our friends of Santander.

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work at “a tribute to Manfred Bischoff” Exhibition during Schmuck’16


As you might know, our beloved Manfred Bischoff passed away last year.
As a tribute to his memory, some of the jewelers that had been as fortunate as to sharing time learning from him, decided to join the event proposed and curated by Isabel Dammermann, to give continuity and voice to what Manfred meant for all of us, by means of this group exhibition.
It will be held during Schmuck’16 events in Munich, so I hope you can stop by, and enjoy the works of all of us, join and get a bit closer to Manfred’s memory, as a jeweler, artist, teacher, person and friend.
I’m really glad to be part of this exhibition, and the people I’m sharing this experience with.
“A tribute to Manfred Bischoff”  25th-28th February 2016     3 Stations – Welserstrasse-15    81373 – Munich   Germany

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Visit the new Web site dedicated to my 3D/CAD works.



My Authoriced Rhino Trainer Certificate


 A few months ago, I got my A.R.T. Certificate.

There’s a long time I wanted to reach this cualification. And finally, I managed to get it.

Congratulations to myself!


el viaje y el objeto – teaching for a second year at massana school barcelona




for a second year, I’ve been at the Massana school of art in Barcelona, sharing a great time with friends, and teaching one of the two parts of the 3d modelling section of the course “el viaje y el objeto”.

this time the teachers were: Silvia Walz, Stephanie Barbié, Beate Eismann, and me myself.

thanks to all of them and also to the students.

el viaje y el objeto – massana permanent course and workshop


I’m now giving a month course at the Massana school of Art in Barcelona.

It’s the first part of a three months course whose second and third parts will be given by Silvia Walz and Stephanie Barbie.

the main subject of the work is: “el viaje y el objeto”(the trip and the object)subdivided in three concepts , and the aim of it is to teach how to project and develop artistic jewels combining traditional techniques and new technologies.

I’m in charge of the rhinoceros teaching and the introduction to rapid prototyping under the concept of: “containers”.

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tower experiments


pear diamond earrings


net ring


diabolo ring render


ring texture and pearl


“jamón plata negra Grande Covián 2011″ trophy – layers and previous renders


“jamón plata negra Grande Covián 2011″ trophy


fab-lab abs/pla color brooch


oval dome ring render experiments


oval dome ring wireframe


round net peridot earrings rendered


round net peridot earrings’layers


deep flower ring rendered


deep flower ring wireframe


organic 3prong setting ring


square net peridot earrings’layers


square net peridot earrings


3D ring wireframe