New Course at MAGMA Audiovisial School 3D Modelling with Rhinoceros-Level I by Rinaldo A


 3D Modelling with Rhinoceros-Level I  course at Magma Audiovisual School [Gijón-Asturias] is released. Will be held from May 16th untill May 26th. And a second one from June the 13th untill June 23rd.   Registration is open. More info:

ALTERA 2017 Art and Jewelry Conference


I was invited to give a Lecture at the Altera 2017 Conference. It was a very interesting experience and great time with our friends of Santander. More info at:

work at “a tribute to Manfred Bischoff” Exhibition during Schmuck’16


As you might know, our beloved Manfred Bischoff passed away last year. As a tribute to his memory, some of the jewelers that had been as fortunate as to sharing time learning from him, decided to join the event proposed and curated by Isabel Dammermann, to give continuity and voice to what Manfred meant for [...]

Visit the new Web site dedicated to my 3D/CAD works.


My Authoriced Rhino Trainer Certificate


 A few months ago, I got my A.R.T. Certificate. There’s a long time I wanted to reach this cualification. And finally, I managed to get it. Congratulations to myself!  

my works at MAD museum N.Y.


I am happy to announce that one of my works [actually owned by the german gallerist Ulrike Knab -thank you Ulrike] is now part of the exhibition “multiple exposures” at the Museum of Art and Design in New York city. proud for the top quality of the partners in the exhibition and glad of the [...]

el viaje y el objeto – teaching for a second year at massana school barcelona


    for a second year, I’ve been at the Massana school of art in Barcelona, sharing a great time with friends, and teaching one of the two parts of the 3d modelling section of the course “el viaje y el objeto”. this time the teachers were: Silvia Walz, Stephanie Barbié, Beate Eismann, and me [...]

rinaldo at the jewelbook by stichtingkunstboek


I’m proud to announce that some of my works had been chosen for the latest stichtingkunstboek publication about jewelery. the stichting kunstboek publishers newest book project: jewelbook – international annual of contemporary jewel art 12/13. this brand new initiative has become a big success and we did succeed in our aim to make this book [...]

el viaje y el objeto – massana permanent course and workshop


I’m now giving a month course at the Massana school of Art in Barcelona. It’s the first part of a three months course whose second and third parts will be given by Silvia Walz and Stephanie Barbie. the main subject of the work is: “el viaje y el objeto”(the trip and the object)subdivided in three [...]

new contemporary jewelry art book shows rinaldo’s work


here you have the last jewelry book by CYPI publishing. a wonderfull edition with great photos of the works of contemporary art jewelers of the moment. there you can also find some of my works beautifully edited, big size photos and very comfortable view. I hope you enjoy this great and meditated work of the [...]

cominelli fundation award 2011


from the 10th of September untill the 9th of october, the exhibition of the works of the finalists chosen for the cominelli fundation award 2011 will be exhibited at the  wonderfull palazzo cominelli in cisano di s. felice -brescia – italy. two of my last works had been chosen together with a very good selection [...]

the “jamón plata negra Grande Covián 2011″ trophy by rinaldo alvarez


just a detail for marta


  balance comes better if you grab each thing from the proper point of view. con mis mejores deseos, marta, que sepas que en junio me acuerdo de tí. un abrazo fuerte. thanks for the wonderful song [labirinth]to chronik- and to for the setting

¡genial!new jewelery from spain


from the 15th of june untill 17th of  july, the exhibition- in which some of my works will be presented, together with some of the best spanish artists, most of them that I admire since long time ago- will be held at the prestigious Velvet da Vinci Gallery, in san francisco-u.s.a. the artists are: rinaldo alvarez-carmen [...]

scmuck’11 at space solidor


  from the 21st of may, the exhibition schmuck’11 moves to cagnes sur mer (france). there you can see some of my works that had been selected for this event.

at the museum brandhorst


I enjoyed a lot this exhibition of  cy twombly  in munich.



this year some of my works had been selected for the prestigious exhibition schmuck’11, as well as another 62 finalists for the Herbert Hofmann price from all over the world. The exhibition will be held from 16th-22nd March in Munich. article about rinaldo álvarez in Schmuck’11

Contemporary Art at Museo Barjola


The past 10 of March, at 19:00 o’clock, at the Museo Barjola-Gijón (Asturias)Spain, was held the opening of the exhibition: “Contemporary Asturian Art at the funds of the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias.-Artists born in 1960,1970 and 1980″ in which I am participating. Will be a pleasure to share it with all of you untill the [...]

beach sculptures


catalogue of the jewellery artists association -helsinki


this brooch: “peep show” had been selected for the 2009 exhibition titled “porno” at the  johan s. galleria  in helsinki-finland. now at the beguining of 2011 the finish jewellery artists association had chosen one of this photos to ilustrate that exhibition in their wonderfull catalogue, full of great works of art. thanks a lot for [...]

tokyo design week


curated by the designers’ colective culdesac from valencia -spain and organiced by the ICEX, a group of renowned designers showed their works at the spanish embassy in tokyo-japan, during the tokyo designers week-october 2010-. part of my work was also selected to be  there. el diseno espanol se presenta en tokio con made in japan/.

arbitrary locations solo exhibition


from 12th of june till 11th of july my project arbitrary locations will be exhibited at the as quintas exhibition hall in la caridad -asturias -spain



to walk as if on a map, looking for anchoring points, references; a place to tie down memory, to find ourselves in time and space. to be lost justifies our constant state of search.

arbitrary locations project previous work


recovered beauty-wet cookies solo exhibition


press:   arte e innovacion: rinaldo álvarez, creador de joyas   joyeria de vanguardia   Rinaldo Alvarez mostrará en Vegadeo las piezas que exhibe en Europa   el joyero rinaldo se reinventa en florencia